A Marketer's Guide to Consensus 2023

Feeling overwhelmed by all that Consensus 2023 has to offer? Here’s a schedule tailored perfectly for marketers, advertisers, brands and agencies looking to take a deep dive into the world of Web3.

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As crypto and Web3’s only “Big Tent” style event that covers everything from digital assets to NFTs, the metaverse and beyond, we know that the Consensus agenda can be a little overwhelming. In an effort to help make the most of your time at Consensus, we’ve put together a few schedules based on profession.

If you’re a marketer, advertiser, brand or agency looking to explore Web3, get tips on tying Web3 initiatives to long-term growth, navigating compliance and staying ahead of the competition, then look no further. The following is a schedule that will help you accomplish just that and have some fun on the side.

If you see a title or speaker you like, just click through to the Consensus Agenda where you can bookmark the session, add it to your calendar or share it with a friend or colleague.

Wednesday, April 26

Thursday, April 27

Friday, April 28

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